school breakfast and lunch programs

For Parents and Students

The Nutrition Group transforms school breakfast and lunch into nutritious, lively and fun programs that students and faculty eagerly participate in. Our school meals are healthy, diverse and appealing, with the main focus always being on the student. The primary goal is to create a setting that helps them make the right choices and perform at their best. Eating healthy and making the right decisions about what to eat plays a big part in this effort. It is our intent to support them however possible in their growth.

We create engaging, interesting and comfortable dining atmospheres through professional and practical design, as well as creative marketing and special events. We are actively involved in Youth Advisory Councils (YAC), Parent Advisory Councils (PAC), Parent Teacher Associations (PTA), Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) and various community organizations in providing nutritional education. We welcome and value any input from the parents and students.

To learn more about wellness, please visit the Wellness section of our website.

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